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June 2017

Prof Richard Schilling - 'The AF treatment revolution'

Prof David Werring - 'Between a clot and a hard place'

Dr Hannah Cohen - 'Direct oral anticoagulants - prevention and management of bleeding'

February 2017 - Young Investigators Award

Upasana Tayal, Imperial College London

Krishnaraj Rathod, Queen Mary University London

Floriaan Schmidt, University College London

December 2016

Dr Thang Han - 'Cardiometabolic risk monitoring in cancer survivors: time to act'

Ellie Crompton - 'Therapeutic hypothermia in head injuries'

Prof Christopher Fry - 'Prediction of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation from sinus rhythm ECG recordings'

June 2016

Prof Nicholas Peters - 'Myocardial structure and fucntion in AF'

Dr Raj Bathula - 'A focus on anitcoagulation in AF management'

Dr Abdul Shlebak - 'Anticoagulants today "spoilt for choice"

February 2016 - Young Investigators Award

Ada Teo, University of Cambridge

Kerry Layne, King's College London   

Vassilis Vassiliou, Imperial College London

November 2015

Prof John Cleland - 'Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!'

Prof Anthony Mathur - 'REGENERATE - autologous cell therapy for heart failure'

Dr Stam Kapetanakis - 'Clinical aspects of heart failure' 

April 2015

Dr Jem Lane - 'Using Heart Slices to Assess Cardiac Electrophysiology'

Dr Paul Rinne - 'Targeting Attention-Control and Motor Deficits in Stroke: developing a practical tool for rehabilitation'

Dr Manasi Nandi - 'Reconstructing Blood Pressure Waveforms: an unbiased earlier indicator of septic shock?' 

February 2015 - Young Investigators Award

Iris Hardege, University of Cambridge

Rebecca Knowles, Queen Mary University London   

Junhua Zhou, Univeristy College London

September 2014

Dr Vias Markides - 'Atrial Fibrillation'

Dr Abdul Shlebak - 'Oral Anticoagulation - Old vs New'

Dr Omid Halse - 'Management of Stroke'

June 2014

Dr Caroline Dale - 'Association Between Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease: Mendelian Randomisation Analysis Based on Individual Participant Data'

Dr Paul Taylor - 'The Developmental Programming of Hypertension Secondary to Maternal Obesity: A Role for Leptin'

Prof Morris Brown - '60 Years of Conn's Syndrome: How Molecular Imaging and Analysis Have Discovered a Common, Curable Cause of Hypertension'

April 2014

Andrew Moore - 'Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 Regulates Matrix Metalloproteinase-14 Expression: Underlying Effects of Hypoxia and Statins'

Dr Trishna Gunnoo - 'Risk of Heart Disease in Acute Ischaemic Stroke'   

Dr Ross Breckenridge - 'Clues from the Neonatal Heart for Heart Failure' 

February 2014 - Young Investigators Award

Aisha Opel, University College London.

Vassilis Vassiliou, Imperial College London.   

Junhua Zhou, Univeristy of Cambridge. 

October 2013

Professor Munir Pirmohamed- 'Oral Anticoagulation - Bridging the Gap Between Old and New'

Professor Michael Laffan - 'Risk Assessment in Venous Thrombosis'

June 2013

Dr Ingrid Dumitriu - 'Targeting T Cell Costimulation to Prevent Atherosclerosis'

Professor Graham MacGregor - 'Salt an Update: The Trials of Andrew Lansley MP'

Dr Mel Lobo - 'Device-Based Therapy for Resistant Hypertension'